Why Mobile Marketing Is For You


Mobile marketing has become the newest technological advancement for online entrepreneurs to generate income and bring their business to the masses in a convenient and focused manner. Mobile marketing has exploded for several reasons with the main one being immediate access to the consumer and your service or product. People always have their devices handy and always look at them as soon as they receive a notification. This is far easier for the marketer who may or may not get past spam filters when using traditional email campaigns. This form of marketing is leading the industry, and it is certainly young enough to get your foot in the door and take advantage of it.

Personal touch is what sets this form of marketing apart from mass emailing campaigns. You can add the user’s name to each message and actually personalize them with no additional time or effort spent doing so. This ensures the recipient will at least look at the message and hopefully have their interest peaked enough to visit your site and purchase the service or product you are marketing. The fantastic part of personal touch is that you can even set auto replies to include the name of the recipient.

Mobile marketing is far cheaper than traditional form of marketing, making this a win win technique. The time you save sending out push notifications or personalized marketing information also reduces your overall costs when considering that you can focus attention to your next campaign or fine tune what you already have in place. The other great fact is that more people will actually see the campaign, thus increasing your consumer base as opposed to email campaigns where the percentage that ends up in the junk folder is astronomical. The quality of the personalized campaign is more important than the number of messages sent via email.

With mobile marketing, you can cater the campaign to the consumer. Simply designing your mobile site to work with the popular o/s’s and browsers will impress more people than those fighting with flash, java and slow loading issues common with web sites. Keep the information direct and short and consumers will take a look at what you are talking about if your site is designed for mobile devices.

The beauty of mobile marketing is that it immediately reaches the consumer who can then look at the service or products you offer just as quick. Emails may sit around for days before someone bothers to look at them, which makes this marketing tool far more effective in building your consumer base and income generation.

Mobile marketing also allows you the opportunity to address the privacy concerns of consumers. You can assure them their information will not be shared with others while we all know that is not the case with most email campaigns.

Mobile marketing has exploded in the last year or so and you can now see why you should take advantage of it. The ease and personalization of this form of marketing saves time, costs and has the ability to attract interest far more than your traditional methods. Hopefully this article opened your eyes to a new way to generate income and change the way you do business forever.

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