Which Social Networks Should You Use?


You are probably familiar with Facebook and Twitter, but do you know about Tumblr, MyYearBook.com or Orkut? This article will help you choose the best social networks for your campaign.

If you are not sure which sites you should join, start by doing some research on your target audience. You should ask your customers to answer some surveys about the social networks they use, or add a poll on your website to find out which social networks are the most popular among your audience. If you are selling products to a certain age group or subculture, you might find your audience uses a specific network. If your audience is varied, your best bet is to join Facebook and Twitter and any other site that seems popular among your audience.

If you use videos and pictures to promote your products, join social networks that allow you to share and organize this type of content. YouTube is the best site to share your videos, and you should join Flickr or a similar site to share your pictures. The main advantage of these networks is that you can easily share your content on other popular networks once you upload it to YouTube or Flickr. If you have a Podcast, you should use iTunes to upload your recordings and share them on Facebook.

If you want to reach out to a new niche, you should consider joining new social networks popular among this new target audience. For instance, you could promote your products toward a younger age group by using social networks such as MyYearBook.com or choose to target a different subculture by joining Reddit, Tumbler or Pinterest. Think about using paid ads to draw attention to your presence on these networks since you might not already have an existing customer base on these sites. Keep in mind that new social networks appear on a regular basis and there is no way of knowing which site will be the next big hit. Stay up to date with new trends and get feedback from your customers as often as possible to get an idea of which sites they are using at the moment.

Are you thinking about selling your products to customers located in other countries? Social networks you might not be familiar with are more popular than Facebook in other countries. If you want to sell products to a Russian audience, create accounts on V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki. Bebo and Badoo are popular throughout Europe along with Facebook and Twitter. Orkut and Hi5 are good options for an Indian audience or if you want to promote your products to South American customers. And if you are interested in Asian markets, you should join QQ or Xianoei for China, Mixi for Japan and Friendster for Southern Asia.

As you can see, there are many social networks to choose from. Do your best to develop a complete social media marketing campaign that is up to date and adapted to your target audience in order to find success.

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