Using Social Media To Boost Your E-Commerce Marketing


One of the best ways to boost your E-commerce business is by using social media. More and more people are using social media to connect with their social network and share information. Have you ever wonder how a video can go viral? It is through the power of social media. All it takes is a handful of consumers to start sharing on their networks. If the item shared catches on and hits the right note with just the right crowd, publicity will spread across social media like wild fire. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of social media.

Think about who your target customer is. If you have already started selling, you probably have a good idea of your customers’ demographics by now. Think about which kinds of social media platforms your customers are likely to frequent. Gather up the possibilities, then start to establish a presence in those same websites. Introduce your company and the products. Tell the public what benefits they can receive if they follow you.

A smart merchant always checks up on his competition. Write down a list of companies who compete for your customers. Then, go to their social media websites and check out how they execute their promotions and connect with their customers. Take note of how frequently they post or tweet and the kinds of information that they post. Take a look at the followers’s input and feedback to see what kinds of responses are given. You can learn a lot from just looking at your competitors’ social media activities. You can see what is effective and what is not and learn what works the best.

Offer a special for your “grand opening,” and be very clear explaining how your followers can take advantage of your offer. Have special promotions regularly to keep your consumers’ interest fresh. Your goal is to keep your company under your customers’ radar so they will not forget you.

You should not just use social media as a means to advertise. Ad messages get stale after a while because your consumer will see that it is all one-sided. Regularly offer helpful information that your customers can use. People do not just want to hear a sales pitch. Think about where your customers’ interests are, and offer information related to that.

There should be a balance between your messages that offer helpful information and the messages that motivate people to buy. Showcase a product every now and then, and offer a special on it. Include a link directly to the product page of your website where an interested customer can make a purchase right away.

Remember to pay attention to any feedback that you receive from your customers. Respond to questions quickly, and acknowledge all contributions. This will show your audience that you are listening every day. Responsive merchants have a better chance of hanging onto a loyal following.

If you follow these tips, you can use social media to boost your business. Keep track of the approaches that work, and reuse them. When you have a solid social media marketing campaign in place, you will see your business grow.

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