Using Social Media in Internet Marketing


Social media should be incorporated into your Internet marketing strategy as a means of connecting with your audience and gaining understanding of your customer base to more effectively market your product or service to your audience. Use the suggestions below for balancing your desire to hear from your audience with your commitment to your business message.

Craft your Internet marketing materials with an awareness that your marketing goals may sometimes appear to be in opposition to the way the internet works and that you’ll have to address these conflicts. Just as any discussion of social media today includes the apparently conflicting discussion of privacy and user security, your Internet marketing materials can seek consumer and potential customer input but along carefully crafted lines and dealing with specific subject matter that support your business goals.

In order to manage and help steer the content of interactive and social sites you use for Internet marketing, you must make sure that you have sufficient time to devote to the task or hire a trusted employee to facilitate all social interactions. The last thing you want is for a specific topic such as a complaint about your business to spar a thread of discussion that includes tens or even hundreds of users.

Use all methods for closing down conversations or interactions that are negative. In addition to your own content, if negative commentary or communication is occurring on your business social media sites, you should quickly discourage those postings.

While a business site is less likely to have attacks on individuals in the form of cyber-bullying that’s frequently reported, negative commentary about other businesses that your audience posts on your business site could give rise to a legal cause of action by the company that’s being criticized. Disclaiming, disavowing and discouraging such posts is critical to protect your business from liability.

Find out what your options are for managing your content on your social sites, including methods of banning specific users who abuse your site. For instance, if you recognize an ongoing problem with someone posting to your Facebook business page there are ways to permanently block that person from having the ability to post to your page. Simple instructions can guide you on how to permanently block someone using information that you can access from your Facebook “likes” statistics.

Remember that you set the tone for your Internet marketing materials so that the more professional you are in presenting your content, the more professional the responses to your content will likely be. While the temptation may exist to include more exciting snippets of information and photographs, you should always portray a professional image with professional boundaries by avoiding any content that is personal.

Using social media as part of your business Internet marketing can be a great way to establish community and ongoing interest. Use the suggestions above to make sure that your invitation to your audience to participate on your sites remains a manageable form of communication that your business can direct and control in order to avoid problems.

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