Top Five Tips For Your Mobile Marketing Campaign


Mobile marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with your audience while integrating new technologies into your marketing campaign. Keep reading for some useful mobile marketing tips.

Launch a text alert campaign to reach out to a wide number of customers. All mobile phones can receive text alerts, which makes this campaign accessible to everyone. Place a subscription form on your site and write a short description of your text alerts. Present these alerts as a way of getting access to valuable content such as coupon codes and exclusive information. Send out text alerts regularly but do not share anything if you do not have any valuable content for your audience.

Create a mobile website. There are several mobile site building tools you can use. Your mobile site should contain useful information about your business and products as well as valuable content such as information about discounts and other promotional offers. Customers will visit your mobile site regularly if you keep updating it with valuable content. Make sure you test your mobile site with different browsers and devices before launching it. Avoid pictures and complex designs so your site loads faster.

If your customers are likely to own smartphones or iPhones, you should think about creating some apps. There are app building tools you can use, but keep in mind the simplest tool will only allow you to create apps from templates. Take the time to familiarize yourself with more complex tools or consider hiring a professional to develop a quality app. You could create a game based on your products or an interactive version of your catalog to help customers find the ideal product.

Your mobile marketing campaign should be connected to other campaigns since a large number of mobile phone users have access to features such as social marketing and cameras and can surf the Internet. Give mobile users the option to access your regular website and combine your mobile marketing campaign with your social media marketing one, for instance by sharing links to your mobile website on social networks or promoting your text alerts. You could also use QR codes if you find your customers are likely to own Smartphones.

Mobile marketing is different from most forms of marketing because you have the possibility of reaching your customers regardless of where they are. Do not take advantage of this possibility by keeping your text alerts to a minimum and always sharing quality content. Mobile marketing usually works best if you include a sense of urgency in your messages and encourage customers to take action. You will get better results if you share information about time sensitive offers and get customers to interact with you as much as possible, for instance by answering to your text alerts or entering a contest on your mobile website.

Use these mobile marketing tips to develop a solid campaign. Keep track of your results and be sure to challenge yourself by setting a few monthly goals for your mobile marketing campaign.

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