Top Five Mobile Marketing Tips


Are you thinking about launching a mobile marketing campaign? You should read this article for some useful tips on how to launch a successful mobile marketing project.

Start by doing some research on your audience and the mobile devices they use. Your campaign will be efficient if it is adapted to your audience. Have your customers answer to surveys on their mobile devices, which features they use the most and how much money they spend on their plans. You should avoid excluding a part of your audience by using a technique a large number of customers will not have access to. Keep in mind your customers will probably upgrade their mobile devices and have access to more features at a later time.

Keep in mind that your mobile marketing campaign will quickly become annoying for your customers if you share updates too frequently, especially if you use text alerts. You should limit yourself to one weekly update. If you are having a hard time coming up with an update for your text alerts, it might be best to wait until you have something more valuable to share. You should include a link or a code to unsubscribe from your campaign with each text alert you send, and keep track of how many people choose to unsubscribe.

Connect your mobile marketing campaign with your other campaigns, especially your social media marketing campaign. A lot of people have access to social networks on their cell phones and can easily take pictures and upload them to Facebook. If your subscribers are likely to have access to these features on their phones, you should use social media to share links to your mobile website or organize contests and require them to take some pictures of your products or stores to win prizes.

Find original ways to use different features and trends. Do not hesitate to experiment with new techniques to measure the interest of your audience. Get some feedback from subscribers and ask them to answer to surveys to win prizes. You should stay informed by subscribing to newsletters and reading blogs and news stories on mobile marketing and devices. When a new feature or device becomes popular, look for different ways to promote your products before your competitors start using this technique.

Establish some precise goals for your mobile marketing campaign. Do not assess your success in function of how many customers subscribe to your campaign. You should instead calculate your conversion ratio by estimating how many sales you have generated through mobile marketing. You should also establish a timeline for your mobile marketing campaign and measure your progress on the long term. Keep in mind that mobile marketing is more efficient among certain niches than others. If you feel like your target audience is not responsive to this campaign, focus on other marketing projects.

Give mobile marketing a chance by applying these tips. Keep track of your results, give yourself enough time to develop a successful campaign and watch your business take off.

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