Instagram and Internet Marketing


Instagram’s popularity is part of the suite of techie tools available that device-users adore for taking and sharing photographs. Use the suggestions below if you’re considering Instagram as part of your business marketing efforts for 2013.

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has already generated some changes in the use of the app, including the adoption of profile pages that mimic Facebook’s own profile pages. While Facebook claims that Instagram will be developed separately from Facebook, as a business owner you should consider whether your marketing efforts will be better put into your website or other online presence rather than navigating through the inevitable changes that will result from Instagram’s new ownership.

Be sure that you can participate in Instagram with your phone platform before making any big decisions about its use for your business. While there are many projects in the works to make Instagram’s reach broader in the market, it currently only works with certain devices.

Don’t change all your business service plans simply to participate in the Instagram craze. Buying a technology to be able to use a specific app is in most cases not a wise use of a business budget. Instead, craft your marketing plans based on the technology purchases you intend on making during a specific business year or budget period of your business.

If you’re considering replacing or upgrading your business phones and devices, the ability to use Instagram can certainly be one criterion in favor of purchasing a certain technology.

Look for up-and-coming competitors to achieve Instagram results. There are already alternative products available for use with the iPhone and Android products most commonly associated with Instagram as well as other products that can be used on different brands of phones.

Clearly identify your business reasons for considering incorporating Instagram marketing efforts as part of your larger internet marketing strategy. When you lay out your marketing plan, you should always have a plan creating a direction for that plan, and if Instagram usage merely duplicates other goals you’re pursuing using other technology, you may choose to wait to participate in Instagram.

Because Instagram works in conjunction with other social media, you should always determine how successful your other social media has been before adding on a new type of social media. For instance, if you’re still tweaking your Facebook image, or you’ve faced time challenges from keeping your social media up-to-date, incorporating new social media tools into your marketing plan is probably not advisable.

Consider how you’re using photographs, graphics, and words as part of your internet marketing efforts today. You might be a more or less visual person who tends to use the written word more frequently than photographs in your marketing approach. While the proven effectiveness of photographs in grabbing customer attention is supported by most research, you’ll likely need someone else to manage your Instagram presence if you’re not as visually oriented towards photographs as towards other forms of marketing materials.

Instagram is a great additional option for sharing photographs with your business audience. Use the suggestions above before considering whether to include Instagram in your internet marketing efforts for 2013.

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