How To Launch Your Mobile Marketing Campaign In Five Steps


Do you want to launch a mobile marketing campaign? You should review this article to learn how to launch a successful mobile marketing campaign in five easy steps.

Start by doing some research and assessing how interested your audience is. Have your customers answer to a few surveys regarding their use of mobile devices. Keep in mind that some mobile marketing techniques such as creating a mobile website or some apps will be efficient only if a large number of customers will have access to this content. If you find most of your customers do not have Smartphones or iPhones, you should focus on text alerts. It is important none of your customers feel excluded from your campaign.

Find quality mobile marketing software to send out text alerts. Add a subscription form on your site and give examples of the kind of content you will share via text alerts. Sharing alerts with a sense of urgency and inviting your recipients to take action is a good way to boost your sales. All your text alerts should include a link or code for people to unsubscribe. If you do not have valuable content to share via text alerts, use other campaigns. Your text alerts will quickly become intrusive if you text customers too often and do not have valuable content to share.

Set up a mobile website to share information about your products and business. Keep your message short, straight to the point and focus on building a site that is easy to navigate. Use a quality mobile site-building tool and take the time to test your mobile website. Do not forget to place a visitor counter on your site to keep track of how many customers show interest on your site. Get more people to visit your website by sharing links via text alerts and by offering incentives. Use your mobile website to share coupon codes or exclusive information about your products and your traffic will increase.

Apps are a great way to interact with your customers while providing them with original quality content. Get an app-building tool and familiarize yourself with its features. Keep in mind that mastering the most complex tools is worth your time since you will be able to create better apps with these more advanced tools. Be original and creative when designing your app. You could for instance create a game based on your products or an interactive catalog. You could also create an interactive version of your user’s manual or some tutorials.

You will get better results for your mobile marketing campaign if you associate it with other marketing projects. For instance, a lot of mobile users have access to social networks on their phones. You could place links to your social media profiles on your mobile site or share Facebook and Twitter updates with instructions on how to sign up for text alerts. Make sure your campaign remains focused on your products and on quality content, look for ways to get customers involved and do not hesitate to offer incentives to generate some interest for this campaign.

Launching a mobile marketing campaign is a lot of work but your efforts will be rewarded. Monitor your results closely to make sure you are going in the right direction.

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