How To Launch A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign


Mobile marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your audience. You should read this article for some useful mobile marketing tips and strategies.

Text alerts are an excellent way to share information with your audience without excluding anyone since all mobile phones can receive texts. You should place a subscription form on your site and present your text alerts as a way of getting access to exclusive content and discounts. Provide your subscribers with valuable content by sharing coupon codes and information about flash sales. Time sensitive offers are perfect for text alerts. You could also share pictures of your latest products or interact with your audience by having recipients answer your text alerts to enter contests or vote in a poll.

Think about creating a mobile website if you find that a significant number of customers use their mobile devices to go online. Take the time to design a simple mobile site and update it regularly with valuable information to keep visitors coming back. Share links to your mobile site via text alerts and encourage people to visit this site often by offering some kind of incentive. Keep track of how many visitors you get and which pages get the most attention.

If your customers own Smartphones or iPhones, you should create an app for your brand. Creating an app is not very hard thanks to the many app building tools available. Familiarize yourself with a quality app building tool and put together an original app your customers will consider as valuable. You could create an interactive catalog for your products, a tutorial or a game. If your first app is successful, plan on creating more apps.

If your customers own smartphones, you should look into using QR codes. These codes are small pictures that can be placed in your printed ads and scanned with a smartphone. The code is then interpreted as a link and the potential customer will be taken to your mobile website. This is a great way to get people involved in your mobile marketing campaign, for instance by requiring people to scan a code to enter a contest or redeem a discount. Keep in mind that customers who do not own Smartphones will be excluded.

Set some goals for your mobile marketing campaign. Keep track of how many sales you generate thanks to this campaign, for instance by counting how many customers redeem the coupon codes you share on your mobile website or via text alerts. You should focus on providing your audience with quality content and draw attention to your mobile marketing campaign by associating it with promotional offers and new products. Get some feedback from your customers to make sure you are taking your campaign in the right direction.

You will get results from your mobile marketing campaign if you apply yourself and use these tips. Do more research on different devices and techniques and find out more about your audience and their use of mobile phones before you get started.

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