How To Implement Mobile Marketing Successfully


Billions of people around the world use some type of mobile device. This means they are connected to the world regardless of where they are. They no longer have to sit in front of their computer to access the Internet. People are taking care of business right from their devices. As a marketer, you can leverage the mobile platform to promote your business beyond traditional marketing. Read this article to receive some helpful suggestions on how you can do this.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that mobile devices have small screens. That means your website has to be mobile friendly. Your full-sized website is probably not suitable for these devices. That means you will have to design a mobile version of your website for this audience. Keep the mobile design light, preferably without a lot of irrelevant images. Your text should be formatted at the ideal width for mobile device displays so your audience would not have to scroll left to right to read a sentence. Include simple navigation to enable your mobile customers to go from page to page easily.

Give your mobile customers incentives to interact with you through the use of mobile devices. Encourage them to text you to take advantage of special offers. Motivate them to share with their friends and family. Your goal is to get word of your promotion out to as many people as possible. Many people login to their social media accounts through their phones. This is a great way to share tweets on the spot. You would be surprised at how quickly a message can spread if the message is something that people want to hear.

Do not send out text messages that are long and lack focus. People only scan the first line or two of a message to determine if it is worth reading. Therefore, do not hide your special in the middle of your message. Announce it clearly in the first couple of lines so your audience will know exactly what you are offering. Include a clear call-to-action so your mobile customers will know exactly what they have to do to take advantage of a special.

Keep in mind the limited capabilities of a mobile device. Pages that are heavy with images will not load quickly. Not only that, it will not display well. Your content for your mobile website must be able to load quickly. If you are selling products, just have one main image for the product, a brief description, and a clear shopping cart button. Mobile customers want simplicity when they browse on their hand-held devices. Avoid any fancy layouts or backgrounds. Keep your pages clean and simple.

There are many types of mobile devices out on the market. Test your mobile site on as many platforms as you can to ensure a good display. Try different approaches in reaching out to your mobile customers, and reuse the strategies that work. Mobile marketing is here to stay, so make sure that you are at the top of your game.

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