Focus On These SMS Mobile Marketing Tips


Drawing up your own SMS mobile marketing campaign is a great way to stay up with the competition and increase your profits. In order to do this, you must make sure that you know what you are doing. This takes a foundation of knowledge as well as a continued searching for knowledge because of technology changing things daily. Continue reading to learn more, and focus on these SMS mobile marketing tips.

When preparing an SMS campaign, you want to think about starting a keyword list almost right away. You’re going to want to use these keywords in your messages, and they should have everything to do with your profits and website.

Your messages should be short and sweet. You shouldn’t elaborate too much. There are two main reasons for this. First of all, customers have a short attention span, and long messages will annoy them. Second, you must consider phone size and screen size. Many customers will not see the relevant information right away at glance if you add to much fluff. Therefore, it’s imperative that keep it short.

You also need to always give them the choice to stop receiving messages. This shouldn’t be something that is hidden from them or hard to find. Remember these are your targeted customers. Just because they discontinue receiving messages from you doesn’t mean they won’t buy your products ever again. However, don’t allow them to discontinue messages, annoy them, and they are likely to tell all their friends.

One way to keep customers informed and know that everything is legitimate is to have them sign up using a two part process. This means that they will register and then will have to confirm either by email or text message. You can do this by texting a code or sending a confirmation link.

The purpose of mobile marketing is to be personable and make things convenient for the customer. This means that you want to come across to your customers in a more natural and conversational way. Use their first name whenever possible. Also, make sure you always remain positive with all information provided.

Whenever possible, use current events to get your points across. Also, be sure to provide calls to action and links to your main site inside your messages. SMS campaigns can be very effective if carried out correctly. Make sure you give your customers rewards if they keep coming back.

A good idea for an SMS message would be for a clothing store to let someone know that a sale was coming up this weekend at 25 percent off. These are the types of things you want to get across to your customers at convenient times.

Use mobile marketing effectively to give your business a new flavor. Talk about expansion! There are so many opportunities out there that you have to make sure that you realize it’s time to take action. Wait no longer! Instead, get started today developing your plan for kicking into gear mobile marketing.

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