Advice On Implementing A Mobile Marketing Campaign


People are conducting more and more of their daily business on mobile devices. They no longer need to wait until they get to a PC to take care of things. People are taking care of business on-the-go, whether they are on the train commuting to work, waiting in line at the grocery store, or sitting at a football game. To a marketer like you, this provides you with wonderful opportunities to reach out to potential customers. Read this article to learn more about what mobile marketing can do for your business.

Think about what goals you would like to achieve. Do you want to ramp up promotions to attract more customers to your business? Do you need to build up a list of customers so you can send them updates? If you are selling products on your website, perhaps you want to enable your customers to make purchases via their hand-held devices. Write down the goals that come to mind. You will use this list to figure out the approach of your mobile marketing program.

One important thing you should is to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. If your full-sized website is rich in images and is formatted in columns, you will need to design a simplified mobile version of your website. Keep in mind that mobile devices have a very small display window. You should avoid requiring the viewer to scroll horizontally to read text. Avoid using graphics, and just put the most important pieces of text content on the home page of your mobile site. Simplify your navigation with just a few links that are clearly labeled. If you want viewers to be able to purchase your products through their devices, make a product page for each product, with one product image, a short description with price, and a “add to cart” button. Make the purchase process as streamlined as possible. Your goal is to make the mobile browsing experience enjoyable. If your mobile website is easy to use and quick to load, your customers will browse a little longer.

Motivate your customers to sign up to receive special promotions via your text messages. Ensure them that their privacy will be protected and that you will not share their contact information with others. People are leery of spam, especially on the phones. So you need your customers to be confident that you will respect their privacy. Provide your subscribers with an easy, no-obligation method of opting out if they choose.

When you send your messages, make them short, and catch your viewers’ attention in the first couple of lines. People scan through their messages quickly and will only focus on messages that they think have some value to them. So, do not be too wordy in your message. Be clear about the benefit that you are offering and how your visitors can take advantage of it.

These basic tips will help you get started with developing a solid mobile marketing program. Continue to learn, implement your plan, and monitor the progress. Over time, you will develop a mobile strategy that will make your business more profitable.

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