4 Mobile Marketing Ideas Straight From the Top


Mobile marketing is quickly becoming a necessity for any businessman or woman hoping to get ahead in this technological age. Mobile devices are evolving beyond the traditional cellphone and their capabilities are rivaling those of traditional computers in the home or office. As these devices become more popular, the need to use them as a medium for advertising also increases. This new field is known as mobile marketing and the following paragraphs will cover some of the best strategies used today.

Promote a mobile marketing campaign just as you would a traditional online marketing venture. While the messages may be tailored to smaller displays and the functionality limited to some degree, the basic underlining purpose of the mobile marketing campaign is still the same, “Reach your audience!” Use SEO, SMM, or mailing lists to spread the word about your new mobile launch and pull any audience members from one field to the other. If you are entirely new to the online business world, don’t worry, you can still generate followers from both approaches.

With the increased capabilities of these new devices, you are still faced with some basic limitations, such as smaller displays and shorter periods of time. When people are using a mobile device, they want their information quickly and they want it to be to-the-point. However, this can be utilized in a positive manner to grab the traffic you desire. Design your advertisements and messages to be short, simple, and powerful. Use one sentence or less to deliver the idea and allow them the opportunity to research further at their own leisure.

While you may want your messages and advertisements to be powerful, you do not want to seem invasive or annoying towards the viewer. One pitfall that many business owners fall into during their first mobile marketing campaign is the heavy-usage of caps lock. Typing a banner or message in all capital letters should be avoided at all times. The only instance where this may be acceptable is during a “call to action” following a brief article, but never within a user’s application. Even then, caps lock is often viewed as distasteful and rarely proves useful.

Your customers should be your number one concern and when they have a review, either negative or positive, they should be provided a medium to express it. In many cases, this may be comments beneath a piece of media; however, comments can provide a platform for offensive material when they are not moderated. A better alternative is providing an email contact specifically designed for handling customer feedback. Always take this feedback into consideration and work to mold your mobile marketing campaign around the ideas that your customers present.

Mobile marketing has provided many new techniques for business owners to reach their customers and the limitations it presents can often be turned into something useful. The best minds will use the unique functionality and capabilities of this field to present their ideas in a manner that is separate from standard advertising strategies. The tips above have hopefully provided some insight into the field and should serve as a starting-point for further research.

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